I die a little every time I see this scene because it is so cute.

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Please be clingy with me. Get worried if I don’t text you back in ten minutes, blow up my phone, when were in public you better hold my hand and kiss me, get mad when other girls look at me, tell me that you miss me or love me all the time. But also I want you to trust me. If I’m dating you then it means that I’m all for you. I don’t want a relationship that will last a few days. I got into this because I saw something with you. I am yours, you are mine. End of story.
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When kids argue, my heart just melted aww


TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion) 

Don’t leave a girl you need, for a girl you want.
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I’ve always loved Will’s split second face of “Barbossa? What the fuck? When was he an option?!”



I actually can’t cope with this

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idk man, if someone wanted to watch scary movies and cuddle with the windows open that would be cool.


I will reblog this everyday

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You deserve someone who will always text back,
someone who will kiss you and won’t blame it on alcohol.

You deserve someone who will never make you feel like you can’t be loved.

You deserve someone who can see the pain behind your smile
and comfort you without a word.

You deserve someone who will hold you and tell you everything will be okay when it seems like the world is crumbling down.

You deserve someone who will never leave you or take you for granted, who has seen you at your worst and still loves you.

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